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KNT and the MBTI were featured in an article in the Japan Times. Click Press to read the article.

Kazu and Terri

KNT Coaching Division
Japanese society is changing at an astonishing pace. Individuals are now required to take charge of their own career paths. The choice of a career that matches one?fs interests is likely to contribute to a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Through personality assessment and personal coaching, KNT helps individual clients to recognize their own interests, to develop them into capabilities, and identify careers that have high potential of satisfaction. By offering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we can help individuals take the first step in the career and life management process.

KNT Communications Division
From planning to production, KNT handles reporting, writing, translation, and editing for a wide variety of print and digital communications materials. Editorial and design work for corporate in-house newsletters, public relations, press releases, academic journals, and commercially available entertainment and lifestyle publications.


KNT Co., Ltd.


Tamahan Bldg. 3F  Kugenuma Higashi 1-1  Fujisawa 251-0026  Japan

Tel & Fax

0466 50 5959

Phone & fax from overseas

+81 466 50 5959



Coaching Division
Individual personality and aptitude assessment, career counseling, personal coaching, workshops in interpersonal and group communication, communications dynamics in organizations, team building.
Communications Division
Planning, writing, translation, design, editorial; production of corporate printed and web material. Current projects include academic journal, trade journal, public relations materials, and planning through production of a monthly English language magazine introducing Japanese entertainment and culture.


January 1, 2000


JPY3 million

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