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KNT and the MBTI were featured in an article in the Japan Times. Click Press to read the article.


KNT is happy to present
the MBTI® Personality Type Assessment

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KNT now offers the MBTI, the most widely used tool in psychological personality assessment. Every year in the USA, more than 3 million people take the MBTI which has been translated into over 2 dozen languages.

The MBTI is a self-report personality inventory designed to give people information about their psychological type preferences. Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs began developing the MBTI in the early 1940s to make C.G. Jung's theory of human personality understandable and useful in everyday life.

After more than 50 years of research and development, the MBTI continues to be the world's premier personality profile tool. It is used in self-understanding and personal development, career development and counseling, relationship and family counseling, organization development, team building, problem solving, management training, and leadership development.

As a psychological inventory, the MBTI must be administered and interpreted by a qualified practitioner, someone who has completed established requirements including training in its professional and ethical use. KNT is a qualified MBTI practitioner and member of Association of Psychological Type of the USA.

Workshops are ongoing.
Details are on our Workshops page.

MBTI® is a registered trademark of CPP., Inc.

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