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KNT and the MBTI were featured in an article in the Japan Times. Click Press to read the article.


KNT in the Press

MBTI personality type theory is new to Japan and KNT’s activities have drawn a lot of interest from Japanese media. Currently people can take the assessment and receive feedback within corporate situations, but availability for the individual is still very limited. We at KNT believe that providing individuals with the opportunity to experience the MBTI is our mission and we continue to communicate its value and results.

Our career counseling and coaching activities have been featured in national and local Japanese publications. The Japan Times article is in English and the other three articles in Japanese contain English visuals.

KNT was featured in a Japan Times article.
Find out about how the MBTI and coaching can help you to set your direction.

Japan Times, February 2004
(PDF file, 580K)    download file

Fujisawa Pamphlet, Summer 2003 (PDF file, 381K)    download file
Rodo Shimbun, July 2003 (PDF file, 355K)    download file
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, April 2003 (PDF file, 236K)    download file

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