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KNT and the MBTI were featured in an article in the Japan Times. Click Press to read the article.


Recent KNT activities
Our address has changed but our phone/fax and e-mail contact information remains the same.
Let us update you on some of our recent activities and plans.

Coaching Division
Coaching services are just starting to take off in Japan. People are beginning to recognize that better self-understanding is the key to pursuit of happiness and success. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment helps people to discover their interests, talents, and strengths. Coaching helps people to identify the kinds of careers that may best fit their preferences. They are then better able to pursue the direction most likely to lead to a fulfilling future.

KNT is planning publication of introductory materials in late 2005.

Communications Division
Recent interviews for Eye-Ai magazine include superstar performer Kayama Yuzo, the lovely Hayami Yu, singer-songwriter Iruka, and multi-talented performer and athlete Konishiki.

KNT continues to be involved in writing, editing, translation and design of academic journals, public relations materials, and conference presentation materials.

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