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KNT and the MBTI were featured in an article in the Japan Times. Click Press to read the article.


MBTI® Workshops

MBTI sessions are held in Japanese and English. Please contact KNT for details.

MBTI Personality Type Assessment

Step 1: Explanation and MBTI questionnaire.

Step 2: Profiling session to identify type Individuals will make appointments to the Profiling session on the date of the MBTI assessment.
Steps 1 and 2 are included in basic fee.

Step 3: Dynamics and Application. Explore the relationship between the 4 letters and consider type in selected settings, i.e., work relationships, family relationships, teams, etc.
Step 3 is optional.

Steps 1 and 2 are included in the basic fee of 7,500 yen.

MBTI Certificate / Terri Nii

MBTI Certificate / Terri Nii

Comments from client Ms. IM:

"I wasn't familiar with the MBTI assessment specifically, but I was at a point when I was reviewing my work and future, so I thought that I might be able to benefit by making use of this personality inventory tool.

At the time, I was experiencing severe job-related stress and worried about whether I was headed in the right direction. In the results from the MBTI questionnaire and two individual counseling sessions, I recognized my preferences for particular kinds of work and workplace environment. As I had been anxious about whether I was really headed in the right direction, this experience helped me clarify my goals and gave me the confidence to move forward to achieve them".

tel & fax: 0466 50 5959

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